Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hello. I'm Dan Cumby, one of the UK's pioneering life coaches. I have spent years learning and developing new and exciting methods to help develop people into the best they can be.   


I was once like you, looking for answers, feeling I wasn't good enough and that luck and fortune was for others. By studying and practising my own methods I was able to change my mentality, energy and thought process to lead a fulfilled life. I can do this for you! 

There are a few things you should know about me. 

1. I'm passionate about improving people. I love it! That's why I'm     

    this industry. 


2. I'm relaxed and positive. I'm not going to scream in your face, jump up and     down and exude huge amounts of energy. I'm seen as a calming influence       when the rest of the world is panicking.  


3. I swear. Sorry but I do.


4. I'm human. This means I too have down days where I want to stay in bed          and close the world off. 

5. I look to work outside the box. Scared of public speaking, that's fine we will      jump out of a plane to top up our courage reserves. 

6. I expect honesty. We are going to go deep. I mean real deep and it will be      uncomfortable at times but we will breakthrough to a better you. 

7. I do not judge. You can expect a sympathetic ear and I will always see us as      equals. I am not your guru or teacher. See me as your support.  

If you are still with me then great, sounds like we would be a great team. The time to take action is now. Book a free 30-minute session to start to work towards the life you want and deserve.