Personal Life Coaching

“Leap off the fence of indecision. Get out of the ‘Want to Lane’ and put yourself into the ‘Got to Lane.’” — Gloria Mayfield Banks

You have heard it all before. Einstein's definition of insanity, Simon Sinek's TED talk speech even the hang in there kitty posters. There is nothing new for you to learn as you already know it all. Most people know what to do at the gym to gain muscle or lose weight but hire a coach to help push them in the right direction and keep them on track. This is the same as a personal life coach. We all know what we should be doing but sometimes we need encouragement to take the leap, to break our habits, to set us back on the right path.

Join this path today and register for a free 30-minute session to lead you to a better, happier future. 

Each life coach is different and will suit different people. To find out how I will be the best personal coach for you, sign up for a free 30-minute session to discuss your goals, aims and concerns.  Personal lifestyle coaching will be the best decision you have made this year. 

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The main question you may have might be why do I need Life Coaching? Can't I just read or watch a video and figure it out myself? Well, you could but having someone else's view on your life is far more effective and less time-consuming than trying to figure yourself out. Let's be honest, you could spend your whole life doing that. Here are some of the reasons that we are the best personal life coaching group for you.


  • This isn't a one size fits all activity. All our sessions and activities are tailored around you. 

  • We will get to the root cause. No bull-shit, no lies, the cold hard truth to what is holding you back

  • Experience. As well as being qualified more importantly we have been through it as well, which gives us an advantage into how you are feeling and what we did to get out of the rut. 

  • We offer different packages to suit all budgets.  Personal Life Coaching shouldn't be just for the wealthy

  • We give a shit. All life coaching packages come with regular contact and updates. We want to hear about your successes regularly 

  • We track your progress. Each week we will review how far you have come in such a small space of time. This gives you the motivation to keep on the right track

  • There will be homework. Sorry. 

  • We put the onus on you. In reality, only you can make the change and we will constantly remind you of this. 

  • This is not a flash in the pan. This is a lifestyle, maybe we should rename this personal lifestyle coaching. 

So if there is enough of a reason to want a focussed, calm and driven future, sign up today for one of our free 30-minute sessions and make the first steps for a better future.  

  • A group session with a max of 10 people

    10 British pounds
  • Taster to discuss goals, questions and experiencing my coaching style

    30 min

  • Dipping your toe into a better future

    600 British pounds
  • A kickstart into leading the life you deserve

    1,500 British pounds
  • Full commitment to ensuring an idealic future for all aspects of life

    3,000 British pounds